Qantas Is Adding Wi-Fi To A Plane Every Week

Image: Qantas

Qantas has released their half yearly results yesterday and, for the most part, the information was not that interesting. But if you're a frequent traveller with Qantas, a single line in their earnings report might bring a smile to your face. The company says they currently have 22 Wi-Fi enabled Boeing 737s with another plane being upgraded each week.

As well as the upgrade to Wi-Fi across the fleet, which is expected to be complete by the end of this year, Qantas also said the Sydney International Buisness Lounge will be getting an upgrade and room for 30% more people. Anyone who's been stuck at that airport when there's been a flight delay knows how crowded the lounge can get. And part of that new lounge will be a family-friendly area so there's less likelihood of being disturbed by younger fliers who are bored on a layover or flight delay.

They also added that they are working to a goal of direct flights to London and New York from the east coast of Australia by 2022. So, no more stopovers that add hours to your travel time. Of course, unless you can afford a seat in Business or First Class, you'll be stuck in a cramped seat for a pretty long time.

The expansion of Wi-Fi is a good thing. On a couple of recent trips, one from Australia to Los Angeles with United Airlines and a Los Angeles to New York jump on another US domestic carrier, I had access to wireless internet and it was great to be able to use that time to work productively. It means that on landing I didn't have a massive pile of new email to deal wth. And I was able to use a messaging service to stay in contact wth a few people, making it easy to hit the ground running after I landed.

Qantas has said they will be offering access to various music and movie streaming service over their in-flight wireless internet service.


    Their fleet currently has 121 aircraft so at one a week that's 99 more weeks before they've upgraded them all?

      The report was sketchy as to whether only the domestic fleet was going to be upgraded or if the whole fleet was getting the wi-fi treatment. Also, it's possible the deployment will accelerate.

    i fly a regional route to work and was suprised the plane had wifi! thought we would have been the very last to get it.

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