New Microsoft Teams Features Target Education And Newbies

Image: Microsoft

Microsoft continues to add new features to Teams, their collaboration tool, and upping the ante on established platforms such as Slack. Their recent acquisition of ChalkUp and new chat history feature further refine this product.

Microsoft announced the acquisition of ChalkUp earlier this week. And while features such as assessment rubrics are very much part of the toolkit teachers like, they could easily be adapted, over time, to accomodate business needs for HR or project management.

I'm not sure ChalkUp has had a big impact in Australia but if you are in the education sector, ChalkUp has provided advice about the transition to Microsoft Teams.

While the integration of ChalkUp will take some time, a new feature that has just been added allows a new user to have access to chat history. When a new person enters a conversation you can choose whether to let them see the entire history, a specific number of days or none.

This alleviates some of the hassles of having to rehash everything when someone new comes into a chat.

The game of catch-up and leapfrog that we're seeing in the collaboration space is healthy and will deliver us better products.


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