Hot Desking Toolbox Tries To Make The Terrible More Bearable

Image: From Gustav

While open-plan offices have been the bane of many, it's close relative, hot-desking has added to the dehumanising of workspaces all over the world. Not only do you lack any privacy at work and have to put up with the various sounds and odours of your co-workers, but now you can't even set up a space that offsets those hassles with some personal comforts. But a new product aims to make hot-decking just a little less... crappy.

Kiwi company Gustav has created a toolbox that carries your notebook computer, stationery and office supplies so you can hit desk or move between co-working locations without having to set everything up each time you move. There are convenient stands and sections for storing documents, a smartphone, tablet and other bits and pieces. You can even set up a photo of your loved ones, adding a more personal touch.

The box doubles as a laptop stand that props the computer top at a convenient angle as well so it can sit on your desk without compromising already cluttered spots.

I like working at my local library and, occasionally, at a local cafe. Being able to bring the office with me like this seems like a great idea.

Gustav will retail for $269.


    3 or 4 times more expensive than it should be.

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