Stan TV And Movie Streaming Launches Next Week (Ahead Of Netflix)

Stan TV And Movie Streaming Launches Next Week (Ahead Of Netflix)

When streaming service Stan was announced last November, it was said to be launching in early 2015. We now have a date for the launch — January 26.

Stan’s launch comes just weeks after Foxtel launched its similar Presto service. At $10 a month for both movies and TV, it looks slightly better value than Presto, which charges $14.95 for both TV and movies, or $9.95 for a TV-only or movie-only version.

The rush to market by both services is heavily influenced by the imminent arrival of dominant streaming service Netflix, which will launch in Australia before the end of March. Netflix hasn’t announced local pricing, but it seems likely that it will also come in around $10.

We’ll have a full comparison between Presto, Stan and Quickflix next week.

Disclosure: Stan is a joint venture between Nine and Fairfax. Fairfax owns Allure Media, which publishes Lifehacker.


  • I’ve been using this on their “Early Access” program. So far the content seems reasonable, it’s the technology that’s letting it down…

    The Silverlight playing on PC is hopeless, stutters, slow, limited features. the fact they actually launched, in 2015, with it, worries me, it doesn’t bode well for the technical competence if that’s what they decided to go with…

    The Android app doesn’t run on rooted phones, so that’s useless. You can hide the fact your phone is rooted with RootCloak, but that really only work in 4.3/4,4, so no upgrading to Lollipop if you’re wanting to use Stan…. (And keep your fingers cross that they don’t work around rootcloak)

    The don’t have a PS3 or Xbox 360 app, so combined with the Android app issues, means I can’t actually watch this on my TV.

    I can see what they’re trying to do here. They’re taking the lean/agile approach, and launching with a minimal set of features. They will (obviously) add more later on. the problem is their competition already has all these features and bugs sorted. It would have been better for them to just wait a few more weeks and sort out the lack of Console apps, fix up the root/jailbreak issues on mobile, and refine their Silverlight player (or better yet, ditch it entirely, but that’s probably a bit more than a few weeks work!).

    All this will do is leave a sour taste in early adopters mouths, and cause their recommendations to be negative because of this. This would have been impressive 4/5 years ago, when Netflix was in it’s infancy, but today, people know what’s possible, and they’ll just go somewhere else.

  • Got my invitation the other day. I was expecting the content to be low, but I’m not a fan of Silverlight, and their idea of high def is just ridiculous..! I have big pipes so why the hell do I need crippled download speeds..?

    • You know why they went with Silverlight don’t you ? Just that little bit harder to ‘rip’ silverlight streams than FLV. Any half-arsed ‘youtube recorder’ will rip FLV streams, whereas Silverlight needs a decent one. At least that was the case I when I tried tracking down a ripper for MSN (Fixplay) video a fair few years ago now (i.e. when they launched it and had a decent content offering, before it got crippled). Ended up having to buy Jaksta to do it …

  • You know what would be a useful ‘real world’ inclusion in the ‘comparison’ article ?

    Top 5 Movie & TV Torrents on your favourite private tracker of choice, vs availability (or lack thereof) on Presto, Stan and … Quickflix is it (or was that meant to read Netflix – not sure if they’ve given ‘press’ access to ‘preview’ / staging for the AU site yet) ?

    At the end of the day that’s what all these services will be competing against.

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