Vero: Everything You Need To Know About The Latest Social Media Craze

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You may have been hearing rumblings about a 'new' social media app that's looking to disrupt the current State of Social Media. It's been gaining more and more traction on other social media platforms over the past couple of days, even though it's been around for quite some time now. It aims to be ad-free and algorithm-averse.

But what is Vero and why should you care?

What Is Vero - True Social?

Simply put, Vero is the latest social media service that wants to take over your life. At first glance, you're probably thinking "Why would I need ANOTHER social media service in my life?" (anyone remember Ello? Just me? Okay.) and that's fair enough. However, Vero is trying to do things a little differently.

The word 'Vero' is Italian for 'true' and the core idea behind the service is that it will provide a social media network that never runs ads and is not dictated by algorithms. A boiler plate slogan you get when you sign up is that Vero is a 'relationship first social network' that 'aims to align physical world relationships to online experience'.

In the future, Vero will be paid for by subscription, with an annual price that CNBC reports will amount to "a couple of cups of coffee". However, the first million users on the platform will be able to use Vero for free, for life.

That's not the only way Vero makes money though, as posting on the app will also allow users to access the products that they are talking about. If a click-through results in a sale, Vero takes a percentage of the sale as a commission.

The slick home interface is reminiscent of the early Instagram feed with user names at the top and what kind of content they're sharing in chronological order underneath. Compared to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, Vero is designed in a 'night mode' of sorts, with dark backgrounds and colours, as opposed to the big white spaces of the former three. It's certainly different.

What Does Vero Social Media Do Differently?

Apart from the aforementioned no-ads policy and design, there are three core tenets to Vero's app centred on what you can share, who you share it with and how you find the content you want to see.

When you post on Vero, you have a choice to add movies, tv, music, books, places, photos and straight links. On Vero, you don't update a status, per se - you always add a piece of content with it.

Who you share that content with is up to you. Vero has four separate 'tiers' that allow you to decide who your content goes to. When creating a post, you can set it to just be seen by your close friends, your friends, acquaintances or your followers. When you add a contact to the service, you set which of those 'tiers' they fall under. Your contacts won't know what social circle they are in so you won't ruin any relationships like back in the 'MySpace Top 8' days. You can also filter what you see from your friends in terms of what they link. If you're sick of one friends music recommendations, you can turn that off.

Lastly, the search function is useful when trying to find a specific pop culture category you're interested in. If you want to find out what your friends are saying about a new film, you can search your Collections and see everything everyone you know or follow has posted about it.

The Vero Manifesto and Privacy Policy are available at the Vero website. The transparency and ease with which you can find these documents is refreshing and the language used in them is easily understood. Worth checking out if you're concerned about your data and where it goes.

Currently, a few big name celebrities use the service pretty religiously, with Zack Snyder and Clay Enos, the big two. Snyder, the helm of DC's Cinematic Universe, routinely updates his Vero with tidbits about his films. That's not appealing for me, but for some users, it might make or break using the service.

Why Should I Use Vero?

Not really a question that I can answer, to be honest. Are you over the algorithms and updates from the other service providers? Perhaps you're sick of seeing Neo-Nazi's in your Twitter feed? Perhaps you're worried that social media sites are listening in on you and tailoring ads to you?

Or perhaps you're totally content with the torrent of baby photos that your Facebook feed has become as you grow older?

I cannot answer that question for you - just provide you with the facts. For me, the biggest selling point early is that there are no ads and that the feed is in chronological order. I didn't know how much I'd missed that, especially in regards to seeing other people's images.

How Do You Sign Up For Vero Social Media?

Hold up a minute. Registration issues have arisen in the last couple of days due to the volume of users. This was announced on Vero's Twitter yesterday. It does seem like services have returned to normal for now and registrations should operate as normal.

If you want to sign up for Vero, you can do so by downloading the app at the Play Store or the iOS store, depending on the device you are using.

The registration process requires you to give your mobile number, so Vero can text or call you and register you with the platform via a four-digit code. Vero suggests that the reason for obtaining your phone number is to authenticate and to connect you to your friends.

If you can't be bothered with yet another social media platform to stay on top of, well, don't download the app!


    Looks like the verge logo.

      Yeah, I thought the same thing. Actually, when I first heard about it I was like:

      "Not another cryptocurrency......."

    Just tried it. It's actually pretty cool. Much better than FB/Insta for someone like me.

    I like the idea of being able to post current music/books etc within a small group of people.

    Not sure it's good enough to replace something like Telegram for that purpose though.. considering how easy it is to set up a private group of friends on Telegram for free.

    It has "no ads" but isn't each and every post an ad, if you have to tie it to a piece of content? :/

    I'm curious as to why all these content creators are moving across.

    Have a read of the Terms of Use for Vero they are not in favour of content creators one bit.

    I want to know why it isn’t avaliable for IPods. Some people don’t have IPhone/Android money >.>

    It's basically a cross between g+ (yes it's still alive) and insta.

    Curious why happy man thinks the tos are bad, they make it very clear you own your content they just get to ship it around and display it to people you've told them to.

    There is no Web only access, just phone apps, that is a big negative in my view.

    I DON'T want to give them my phone number!!
    Any way to join withOUT doing this??

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