Reminder: Today Is 'BYO Slurpee Cup' Day At 7 Eleven

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Brain-freeze addicts rejoice! Today, 7-Eleven is bringing back its popular BYO Cup Day, which invites customers to use their own Slurpee receptacles for $1. Here are the details.

This year, 7-Eleven is holding its BYO Cup Day on February 28. The deal will be available until 12am or closing time, depending on the store. You are free to bring any "cup" you like so long as it is free of holes and does not exceed 23cm (width) x 26cm (height) in size. That leaves you with plenty of leeway to get crazy - a diameter of 23cm is larger than most dinner plates!

The maximum allowabale size packs in a hell of a lot of Slurpee - certainly more than any sensible person would want to drink in a single sitting.

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Check out the below video for some crafty "cup" ideas. (Bring yer geetar!)



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