Controlling Your Smart Home With Google Home Is Getting Easier

Amazon Echo has a head start when it comes to the skills and software support needed to control the rest of your smart home gadgets, but Google's competing voice-controlled speaker is quickly catching up. A recent update to the Google Home support site reveals how the gadget is set to make it even easier to control your other connected devices and appliances around the house.

What's Changing With Google Home?

You can already connect some devices - like smart lights and security cameras - directly through Google Home with a quick voice command. But others require an extra step. For example, controlling a connected oven or washing machine through the smart speaker requires getting Google's attention, asking it to tell a secondary service to carry out a command, and then remembering the exact trigger words required.

With this new update you'll be able to give quick commands in a natural voice thanks to Google's language recognition skills, which means no more memorising names and specific phrases. So if you already have any smart appliances at home this should make using them a lot easier.

So where before you had to say a specific phrase like, "OK Google, Speak to LG Smart to turn on robot cleaner," in the near future you'll just say, "OK Google, start the robot vacuum," and it will know what to do.

Google already released the update, and it looks like Samsung is first company to embrace it with new voice commands like "Pause the dishwasher" and "How much time is left on my dryer?" It's unclear when other LG, GE and other will catch up, but hopefully it won't be too long now that Google has added the option.


    If only they would make it so that i dont have to pull the fucking plug every few days to reboot the damn thing to get it to work.

    I have a Amazon Echo Dot that was a gift that ill setup when my Youtube Red trial ends (ill miss the lack of ads on youtube though), of course if the echo wont play the songs my kids want (my not yet 2yo keeps saying "Hey Google, Play Bubble Pop Nay Nay Tinker Time" though it comes out "hey goodle, play booble pop nay nay tintime") itll be back to GHome.

      I've had four Google Minis for the past couple of months and I've never had to reboot them, although one of them reboots itself occasionally. Your problem may be local rather than the device design itself.

      Ive never once "had" to pull the plug on my home...

      The mini I have has also never had to be pulled.

      The Chromecast on my tv once kept repeatedly taking over the TV and I pulled its power... But that was because it's internet access kept going up and down.

      What precisely are you doing to your Google home devices that makes them need a power cycle??

      I know i have a shitty Router (iiNet Budii, i should have learnt my lesson after BoB, i must be a glutten for punishment, but both products were lemons and should never have been sold) but the home should be smart enough to reconnect itself if it experiences connection issues.

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