Bitcoin Hacker: Everything Happening In Cryptocurrency This Week

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Welcome to Lifehacker's weekly round up of all things Bitcoin, altcoin and cryptocurrency. Bitcoin Mania has certainly died down, two months into the year, but there's still plenty of news about regulation, new technology and rival cryptocurrencies to sort through.

Here's the big news in Bitcoin this week.

  • Besides me, your friendly neighbourhood cryptBro, there's not a lot of people you should trust in the space. Here's a complete list:

The DEFINITIVE List of People You Should Trust in Crypto from CryptoCurrency

  • PewDiePie takes on the Bitconnect scam and no matter what you feel about Bitconnect and PewDiePie, it's actually great because of how many times you hear the words BITCONNNNNNNNNNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECT screamed.

See you next week, LifeHodlers.

Bitcoin Hacker is our weekly roundup of the big news in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. If there's anything you particularly want to hear about this week, let us know in the comments.


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