Use Your Coding Skills To Deal With Poor Customer Service

Use Your Coding Skills To Deal With Poor Customer Service
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After the recent intervention of police officers, who negotiated a disgruntled customer’s NBN deal after a number of cock-ups at a Telstra store, comes the story of a developer who had lost luggage issue with an airline. Following months of customer s service fails, the developer took matters into his own hands.

Kristóf Litavecz, his wife and their two children flew from Hungary to California and the airline lost the family’s stroller.

After trying to contact the airline through emails, tweets, and phone calls , Litavecz decided to take things to the next level. He built a Twitter bot that replied to every tweet from the airline’s account to remind them of his case, which had been grinding on for over three months by then.

Litavecz has posted detailed instructions of how he built the bot. And he’s also posted all of his code on GitHub.

In an incredible coincidence, he was compensated for his loss just over a week later.


  • Sounds great! Maybe if we all do this at once, we can flood companies with so much Twitter spam that they can never respond to any of our complaints at all, and the entire channel of customer service over Twitter will grind to a complete halt! [/sarcasm]

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