Microsoft Is Getting Next Version Of Windows Server Ready

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Those semi-annual releases of Windows also happen on the Windows Server side of the world. Build 17074 is heading to people signed up for previews with new storage capability and improved failover options.

The two big features are an expansion of how Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) can be used and improved failover clustering.

SCSI Enclosure Services (SES) is no longer required for Storage Spaces Direct allowing lots of new hardware to use S2D. It also supports Persistent Memory (aka. Storage Class Memory) which lets admins tak advantage of more low latency storage.

S2D will also support direct-connect SATA devices to AHCI controller further expanding hardware.

Enahancemts to Failover Clustering also has enhancements that improve operations with Azure.

Access to the new build is via the Windows Insider program.


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