Master Storage With The Microsoft Virtual Academy

Windows Server 2012 expands your options for network storage management. Realise the full potential of the new approaches with the Microsoft Virtual Academy.

Topics covered in the 200-level course Windows Server 2012: Storage include the key new features added to the latest version of the Windows Server platform, including:

  • Storage Spaces lets you pool disparate types of storage and treat them as a single resource, making it much easier to make use of all available storage options.
  • Server Message Blocks (SMB) version 3.0, which includes enhanced support for using SMB in applications and enhanced data transfer and resiliency features.
  • Cluster Shared Volumes (CSV) enhancements to make shared storage in virtualised environments perform more effectively.

If you’re new to Windows Server 2012, you might want to tackle the technical overview before tackling this course. That will score you an extra 125 points too.

With Microsoft Virtual Academy, you can progress through material at your own pace and when you have time available. Complete the self-assessment tasks to score points, and track your progress against fellow students in Australia and around the world. As your knowledge grows, you’ll move from Bronze to Silver to Gold to Platinum membership. Sign up today and become a storage guru.


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