Bitcoin Hacker: Everything That Happened In Cryptocurrency This Week

Bitcoin Hacker: Everything That Happened In Cryptocurrency This Week
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Welcome to Lifehacker’s weekly round up of all things Bitcoin, altcoin and cryptocurrency. It’s been an insane week for Bitcoin, with the kind of dip that sent holders into a panic not seen since… well, since the last dip. It’s been messy and, for some, it’s been brutal.

Here’s the big news in Bitcoin this week.

And lastly, the most pertinent advice from the creator of Litecoin that you should always remember about ducks:

See you next week, LifeHodlers.

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  • crypto has pretty much hit critical mass for now because there’s too much regulation that has rendered it pointless. The creator of bitcoin established it under a fake name, which tells everyone everything they need to know about the true purpose of cryptocurrencies, and why they’re now a zombie.

    I also don’t get why governments think they can tax something that’s above them and out of their jurisdiction, looks like they’re pushing ahead with trying to do it on a lie/corruptly and hoping no one challenges them on it.

    • Don’t know so much about the regulation rendering it pointless, but it’s got an interesting few months ahead. Some of the littler guys will start to get bigger and bigger.

    • I have sad it before and I will say it now.

      Crypto will be ‘killed’ by governments interference

      – banning
      – controlling
      – taxing
      – other random BS

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