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Cryptocurrencies are either going to be the biggest investment opportunity of the 21st century or represent the biggest financial fraud in history depending on who you ask. Almost everything you read about cryptocurrencies is focused on one particular coin; Bitcoin. Currently trading at around US$6600, is the price set to plummet or could it reach reach $50,000 or even $100,000?


So you're ready to buy some cryptocurrency. Maybe you've been reading up on blockchain technology and you're convinced it really is the future. Or maybe you watched a friend get rich off Bitcoin and you're still kicking yourself for not doing the same.


The emergence of cryptocurrencies as an economic instrument has been one of the biggest tech and finance industry trends of the past five years. From a whitepaper written by the pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto, it has emerged as a valuable commodity that is traded online through exchanges across the world. But is Bitcoin a scam? Is it really an object of value or are traders deluding themselves?


I've lost almost $400,000 worth of bitcoin so far. Now's the bit where I'm supposed to tell you it's all fake and I only lost it in the cryptocurrency trading simulation game Bitcoin Flip. But no, I actually bought $500 worth of bitcoin back when it was cheap, then left it in the hands of the Mt. Gox online exchange, which then lost it.


This week our guests are the hosts of Coin Talk, a podcast about Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. Journalists Aaron Lammer and Jay Caspian Kang talk to us about their show, their own adventures trading crypto, and the weird culture of ICOs, conmen and speculators that Aaron calls "Coinworld".


If you aren't an expert coder but have been a keen armchair observer of Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and every other increasingly niche cryptocurrency, you might be wondering if it's feasible to create your own.

In short: yes. But there are quite a few different options to consider - and caveats to keep in mind - before you dive in.

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Bitcoin has been on a volatile ride in recent times, its value rising and falling like a kite caught in variable winds.

Its future will likely be as unpredictable as its past given that it’s a currency propped up by risk-takers, a target of lawmakers and tied to nothing more substantial than an algorithm.

But there are certain variables and concurrent conditions that are signals worth watching when considering Bitcoin’s future.

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When you're a global manufacturing giant, it stands to reason that you might need a fair amount of organisation and security when it comes to shipping your wares. With that in mind, it's not particularly surprising that Samsung Electronics Co.is considering investing in a blockchain ledger system in order to keep track of its global shipments.


One of the major stumbling blocks when it comes to cryptocurrencies is just how convoluted the process of sending and receiving is.

Yesterday, German fintech powerhouse The NAGA Group AG released a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency wallet that looks set to change the way people interact with their digital 'money'. Known as the NAGA Wallet, it is promising fast, cheap transactions and the ability to send and receive crypto payments just by using an email address rather than the complex cryptocurrency addresses that are commonplace with blockchain services.


You've read the news - Bitcoin is up, Bitcoin is down, Bitcoin is this, Bitcoin is that and... now Bitcoin really is down. You've likely already decided whether or not it's something you're interested in. But it's not the only cryptocurrency you should be keeping an eye on. There are plenty of altcoins that are looking to do big things in the space in 2018 and we've got five you should definitely keep an eye on.


After rising from under $1000 to over $25,000 in 2017, Bitcoin crashed spectacularly over the past few months. While there have been peaks and troughs over that time period, analysts and financial experts are increasingly skeptical about the cryptocurrencies true value. The phrase "Ponzi scheme" has been bandied about quite a lot.

This reversal in fortunes has caused many cryptocurrency investors to reassess their incredibly volatile portfolios. Here are the best ways to cash in and get out.


Back in January, we learned that hackers were using YouTube ads to take over computers and force them to mine cryptocurrency. These types of attacks (known as cryptojacking) are only becoming more common, but a closer look at the practice reveals that it's usually tied to one particular currency: Monero.

Here's what you need to know about Monero, where it comes from, where it's headed, and how to buy some.

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Bitcoin is continuing to slide in Asian trade after prices fell by another 6% overnight. A short time ago, prices had slumped below $US9000 - a fall of more than 20% from levels above $US11,500 earlier this week.


Very few would have predicted the meteoric rise of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies toward the end of 2017 - fewer still may have predicted the dip that occurred shortly after.

How can you find the next crypto to go 'to the moon'. Recently, finder.com.au enlisted nine panellists to help predict just where twelve of the biggest cryptocurrencies may head in 2018 and, interestingly, Dogecoin is predicted to be one of the biggest movers.