Bitcoin Hacker: Everything Happening In Cryptocurrency This Week

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Welcome to Lifehacker's weekly round up of all things Bitcoin, altcoin and cryptocurrency. It's been a pretty average start to the year for all cryptocurrencies, to be honest. As mainstream press reports on things more and more, it feels like people are collectively willing cryptocurrency to fail. If you're holding coins, are you panicking?

Here's the big news in Bitcoin this week.

  • This update on the Top 10 Cryptocurrencies right now is pretty dire. It's red everywhere. There's so much red. Oh god. The red.
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  • This new hard Bitcoin fork should get you excited
  • Some hugely interesting insights about crypto from an angel investor on Twitter are below. Basically, there are lots of crypto scams right now and knowing where to put your money can be difficult. Be smart about these things.
  • Somewhat concerning for many is the fact that we now have to turn to Jared Leto for cryptocurrency advice. The Joker, as he's known in cryptocurrency circles, recently was on air in Australia, discussing the promise and pitfalls of cryptocurrency. Wacky stuff.
  • Big blockchain related news coming from Intel's Hyperledger - not necessarily talking cryptocurrency here but definitely a story that will interest hodlers.
  • This is what happens when a crypto-scam decides to take all the money they've earnt and just bail: They leave a short note on their website.
  • There are some phenomenal meme videos coming out right now. This one is a little older but I saw it this week and it absolutely ruined me.
  • See you next week, LifeHodlers.

    Bitcoin Hacker is our weekly roundup of the big news in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. If there's anything you particularly want to hear about this week, let us know in the comments.


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