Microsoft Updates Flow For iOS

Image: From Microsoft:

As we use more applications and services, integration and automation become harder. So, there's a need to find ways to pull things together. Apps and services like IFTTT, Workflow and others see to automate tasks and bring our apps together. Microsoft's play in this space is Flow and the iOS version has received an update.

I have to admit, I'm not a Flow user but the ability to tie things together appeals to me. I've used IFTTT to create some custom workflows, such as turning a connected light on when my fitness tracker detects that I've gotten out of bed, or synching data between services that don't have a direct connection.

Among the updates to Flow are a new connector so the Tago service can be used with other apps as well as improvements to how Flow works with Sharepoint.

The iOS improvements boil down to updates that cope with the iPhone X's new screen layout.

Who's using Flow? It seems like the kind of application that someone looking for life hacks would relish. If you're using it, what sorts of things are you doing?


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