Convert Your YouTube Likes Into A Spotify Playlist

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Found some new tunes while browsing YouTube and want to add them to a Spotify playlist? Rather than hunting them down manually, you can make the process of liking videos automatically create a playlist for you.

As Simple Help's Ross McKillop explains, the key is IFTTT. By using your IFTTT account (or creating one) and tying it into both YouTube and Spotify, you can transform your YouTube likes into a constantly-updated playlist.

Once you've granted IFTTT the right permissions and linked it to your Spotify and YouTube accounts, you're ready to go — the functionality is built-in.

Of course, any songs IFTTT can't find on Spotify won't show up, but as another way to generate new playlists, it's certainly unique.

How to Create a Spotify Playlist From Your YouTube Likes [Simple Help]


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