Here’s The Song Missing From Triple J’s Hottest 100 Spotify Playlist

If you’re wondering why Triple J only has 99 songs on its official Spotify and iTunes Hottest 100 playlists, here’s the song they missed.

Triple J released their much-anticipated Hottest 100 list on Sunday, as well as its less-anticipated Hottest 101-200 (sorry Talia by King Princess). Claiming the coveted number one spot this year was the chill groove Confidence by Australian band Ocean Alley, who also took out number 100 with Happy Sad.

If you missed the countdown on the radio, or want to have another listen, Triple J has put together playlists of their Hottest 100 on YouTube, Spotify and iTunes. However, while the YouTube playlist include all 100 songs, both Spotify and iTunes playlists fall short at only 99 songs.

Both are missing number 72: Nothing But Thieves’ Like a Version cover of What Can I Do If The Fire Goes Out?, originally performed by Gang of Youths. It’s unclear why the song isn’t on Spotify – Ocean Alley’s Baby Come Back made all three playlists, despite also being a Like a Version cover.

The Spotify and iTunes playlists are still full of quality songs, but if playing a Hottest 100 list with 99 songs on it riles the completionist in you, you might be better off running the YouTube playlist in another tab while you work.


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