Vodafone Adds 16 New Apps To SME ReadyApps Suite

Image: Supplied by Vodafone

Vodafone has added 16 new apps to their suite of ReadyApps. The suite of tools already includes Office 365, G Suite and a bunch of security and other online tools. The company says the are the only provider in Australia to give customers with 10 or more connections a dedicated, Australian-based Personal Account Manager.

Stuart Kelly, Executive General Manager, Vodafone Enterprise said “This next evolution is part of our passion to treat every customer, big or small, like a very important business”.

The ReadyApps suite is available to approved customers with an ABN on a Vodafone postpaid plan and is available by paying either an annual or monthly fee.

The expanded suite of ReadyApps includes Dropbox for Business, Cakemail (an email marketing tool), Microsoft Project Online and InTune (for device management), Yammer and Service M8 (for field service management).

While you can go out and source all of these products yourself, there is a great deal to be said for having a single place to manage billing and commissioning rather than going to each different service and creating separate accounts.

Telstra offers a similar service through their Apps Marketplace as does Optus through their Smart Shop.


    Thanks - updated. I was using the link Vodafone provided to me.

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