Nine Steps To Becoming A Better Public Speaker [Infographic]

Nine Steps To Becoming A Better Public Speaker [Infographic]
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Here’s the scene: A sea of roaming eyeballs and some powerful fluorescent lights, all focused on you. Does this freak you out? If you’ve ever struggled with public speaking, this incredible infographic runs you through the ways you can prevent public speaking anxiety and ensure you’re giving presentations the audience will remember.

This epic, lengthy infographic comes from the London Speaker Bureau and runs you through nine steps you can take to make your presentation stand out and be remembered. There are plenty of tips about posture and physical cues that help to make you look confident and composed and tricks related to the content of your presentation to ensure you keep the audience interested.

As someone who has a big presentation to put together in the near future, this was infinitely helpful.

Image: London Speaker Bureau

[London Speaker Bureau]

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