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  • How to Stop Saying ‘Like’ (and Other Distracting Filler Words)

    How to Stop Saying ‘Like’ (and Other Distracting Filler Words)

    If you’ve ever listened to someone, like, pepper everything they say with, like, a never-ending litany of likes, ums, or ahs, you know it can be distracting and — whether fair or not — can diminish what they’re saying. We all occasionally lean on verbal crutches, or what academics call “disfluencies” when we’re nervous, distracted,…

  • How To Write And Deliver A Eulogy

    Processing the death of a loved one is never easy. Even if they were terminally ill and you knew they would pass away within a certain time frame, nothing can truly prepare you for dealing with the actual loss. And sometimes, not only do we have to process a death”we may also have to speak…

  • How To Talk Into A Microphone

    Whether you’re speaking at a wedding or event, guesting on a podcast or reporting from the scene LIVE, talking into a microphone isn’t exactly like talking without one. You’ll sound a lot better if you follow a few simple rules.

  • How To Pitch A Successful TED Talk

    How To Pitch A Successful TED Talk

    Can you picture yourself up there on that stage, laying down some wisdom for the masses in a perfectly rehearsed presentation, a respectful audience listening in awe? Well, you have to get past the pitch first. Here’s how to get out of the slush pile, according to a TEDx producer.