Here’s The Cheapest Way To Watch Game Of Thrones Season 7 (Legally)

The hugely popular TV series Game Of Thrones is set to return on July 17. If you’re one of the many Aussies who have been spooked away from piracy, you’re going to need a cheap and legal way to watch.

We’ve looked at the options and worked out the most cost-effective method. With a friend in tow, it’s possible to get the entire series for as little as $7.50. Here’s how it’s done.

There are several ways to tune into Game Of Thrones in Australia – some of which are more legal than others. As always, it will be possible to obtain episodes illegally via the usual torrent and streaming sites. However, we strongly advise against this.

Over the past 12 months, anti-piracy efforts have been stepped up significantly in Australia, with rights holders and the government working in tandem to combat illegal downloaders. You can rest assured that the online activity of Game Of Thrones pirates will be monitored with keen interest – and a VPN isn’t always a fail-safe solution. If legislation ever passes to enable rights holders to prosecute offenders in a small claims court, your name could be on the list.

If you’d rather be safe than sorry, here’s how to watch Game Of Thrones legally for the cheapest price possible.

Step #1 Subscribe to Foxtel Now’s Pop Pack on July 17

Foxtel’s Pop Pack costs $15 per month. New customers also receive a two-week free trial. To maximise the freebie period, make sure you subscribe on July 17 – the same day that the first episode premieres.

Step #2 Split the cost with a friend

If you have a friend who also loves Game Of Thrones, you can split the cost of a single account with them. Because Foxtel Now allows you to stream to two devices simultaneously, you will both be able to watch the show at the same time in separate houses.

Step #3 Cancel your subscription on August 27

The last episode is set to air on August 27. If you don’t want Foxtel Now beyond this date, be sure to cancel your subscription immediately after. That way, you should only be charged for a maximum of two billing cycles.

This brings the total to $30 – or $15 each, if you’re sharing with a friend. We think this is a reasonable asking price for one of the best shows on television – even if you don’t watch anything else in the Pop Pack. (For what it’s worth, the pack contains a bunch of quality HBO programming; including all previous seasons of Game of Thrones.)

If you’re extremely thrifty, you could sign up on July 30, watch the first two episodes, and then enjoy the rest of the season ‘live’ for just $7.50. Not too shabby! (If you’re willing to wait until the final episode airs, you can even get the whole thing for free by binge watching over two weeks.)

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