How Much Does A Night Out Cost In Each Australian State? [Infographic]

How Much Does A Night Out Cost In Each Australian State? [Infographic]

A night on the town can be pretty costly — but the amount you spend varies considerably depending on which Australian state and suburb you live in. The following infographic from online bar tab Clipp ranks each major city based on the average price of a meal for two. Surprisingly, Sydney didn’t come out on top.

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Clipp based its ranking on the average total price for a glass of house wine, a schooner of Carlton Draught, a burger and a small pizza in January and February from more than 650 pubs and restaurants around Australia. Here are the results:

As you can see, the most expensive city in Australia to enjoy a casual meal out is Melbourne, while Adelaide is the cheapest. The price difference between these two cities is a not-insignificant $10.50 — or $546 over a year of weekly outings. Surprisingly, Sydney was the second-cheapest overall with an average spend of $51.60. (We can only assume Clipp collected its data from a lot of dives on the city’s fringes.)

However, when ranked on the price of beer alone, Sydney was the most expensive, with an average price of $6.60. (Brisbane was the cheapest at $5.50.) Wine, meanwhile, is priciest in Brisbane with an average by-the-glass price of $9. Burgers were most expensive in Melbourne at $23.50 and cheapest in Sydney at $19.

“There wasn’t one city which was uniformly the most expensive for each item, with quite a big price difference between the cheapest and most expensive cities,” Clipp founder Greg Taylor said. “There is an overall difference of almost 20 per cent in the cost of street prices across the board, which is huge.”

In terms of suburbs, the most expensive place to have a night out in Sydney is Double Bay, with the aforementioned meals and drinks costing $68.50. (The cheapest was St Marys at $46.25.) In Melbourne, Southbank was the most expensive at $71, an increase of more than $20 over Werribee. In Brisbane, the CBD was the most expensive at $63.50, compared to $44 at Strathpine. In Perth, Subiaco topped the suburbs at $69, while the beachside city of Rockingham was cheapest at $51.20. In Adelaide, the “winner” was North Adelaide ($55.20) with Kilburn coming in cheapest ($43.70).

According to Clipp, it’s possible to snag up to 40 per cent off meals by using in-app deals offered by merchants. These are usually last-minute promotions however, which makes advance planning more difficult; especially if you like having everything sorted earlier in the week. Dinner offers typically become available mid-afternoon on the day of the promotion.

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  • One of the great things about going out in Melbourne is you get free entertainment in the form of gangs brawling in the street. But you can’t really put a price on that, can you?

    • Kind of like Sydney and Brisbane with steroid junkies punching people in the back of the head at 9pm? You even get the whole thrill factor of never knowing when they’re behind you.

  • I went out last week for dinner and drinks in the city
    Dinner came to about $50/head then another $20 for drinks at the restaurant then after that I spent about another $100 on drinks.
    Seems pretty average for when i do go out (maybe once a month) but im not exactly shopping for bargins, I just eat it because its yumm and drink it because yumm, i generally disregard the cost

  • Maybe if you live in Adelaide, you could call ” glass of house wine, a schooner of Carlton Draught, a burger and a small pizza” a night out.

    An average “night out” in Melbourne or Sydney starts in the late afternoon for some pre-dinner drinks and ends at 5:00am in a nightclub. Pro-tip: It’s going to cost a lot more than $61.

    • Haha. Ohh, clubbing… where you know the first round you buy for everyone set you back about sixty to eighty bucks so you figure you’ll take a couple hundred out from the ATM and end up waking up with about a hundred in coins in your pockets (half of which spilled out onto the bed/couch/floor you crashed on) because you were so out of it the rest of the night that you only ever paid with notes.

  • Have you been to Kilburn…

    $43.70 should get you ‘the works’ on David Terrace.

  • Sorry to tell you, but, Tasmania has been demoted to Proto-State status by the statehood committee. It joins the Territories in this regard.

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