Huawei Photographers Shot 100 Portraits On Its P10 Smartphone

If there’s one thing smartphone cameras have going for them, it’s that they’re not cameras — and that means they’re not big, obtrusive, uncomfortable objects thrust into the face of unwilling subjects. Huawei’s 100 Portraits project brought together some of the region’s most talented photographers, including New Zealand’s Stu Robertson, to capture compelling stories in portrait form with the Huawei P10’s dual-lens cameras.

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Huawei’s 100 Portraits campaign, using both the P10 and P10 Plus — its two flagship smartphones, each with a dual-camera setup including a 12-megapixel colour and a 20-megapixel monochrome sensor — gave its selected photographers a mission: find interesting (and real) people on the streets and document their lives.

The P10’s camera is co-branded — and was co-developed — by Leica, and that partnership extends to more than just a Leica logo on the rear glass of the smartphone. The phone’s camera software has been through several revisions and has a load of useful features, but most important is a synthetic aperture mode that captures photographs at different focal points and blurs out backgrounds to varying degrees.

New Zealand photographer Stu Robertson, the artist behind the global project Peace in 10,000 Hands, was the brand’s representative for Australia and NZ. Robertson is a proficient black and white photographer, so it was clearly a natural partnership for Huawei. Here’s a small selection of some of Stu’s images, captured with the P10 Plus:



[100 Portraits]

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