CrashPlan Dumps Home Backup Plans

CrashPlan Dumps Home Backup Plans

One of the best uses for cloud storage is offsite backups. I don’t mean file syncing but real backups you can use to restore entire systems or applications. CrashPlan has, until now, offered some solid options for home and SMB users, But CrashPlan’s owner, Code42, has announced that CrashPlan for Home will shut down on 23 October 2017.

While the Home plan was all about the consumer market, I dare say there were more than a few home-based businesses who took advantage of that plan. Instead, Code42 is directing people to their CrashPlan for Small Business plan or to their partner, Carbonite.

Carbonite is the go to option for consumers. CrashPlan for Home users, who are no longer core business for Code42, will have access to special pricing plans if they choose to transition to Carbonite.

Cloud backups make a lot of sense. If you follow the 3-2-1-0 backup mantra (three copies on at least two different media with one offsite and zero errors) they’re a great option, as long as you disconnect or disable the backup system between cycles. There are some ransomware variants that actively seek out connected backups and encrypt those before attacking your main system.

There are a number of other alternatives if Carbonite’s plans don’t suit. Acronis True Image, SugarSync and Backblaze are popular and worth a look.


  • October 2018 is when they are turning it off, so still have a while to find something new. Its a shame I Really liked there free offering.

  • Crashplan was good because it was unlimited storage for a set fee…. I backed up my entire homeserver. There’s no way I’m paying a “discounted” fee ($134) for less space than a equivalent Dropbox package.

  • Honestly, how do people use “cloud” backup at home? It would take about 6 months to upload a single backup to the cloud with my internet speed.

    • … and when you’re done the provider changes the goal posts on you by closing the service, removing features and/or changing the price. Gotta love cloud!!!

      • Yep – that’s my issue. I’m halfway through backing up 600GB (@about 600kbs) and it has been going for a while (I changed computers about 12 months ago and had to start all over again).

        I liked the options of backing up to another computer plus the cloud plus an external drive all in one.

        Now it seems I need to move to enterprise at almost double the cost, Carbonite at more than double the cost, or not have cloud based backups. I thought One Drive might be a solution but alas there is no easy way to backup to it (same with DropBox).

        Looks like it is time to do some more reviews LifeHacker and give us options!

    • That is the one of the differences between NBN FTTH compared with FTTN. With original, proper FTTH I get 50Mbs UPLOAD speed. I backed up my laptop in a few hours.

  • Sigh no more computer to computer sync as that’s apparently not supported in their small business solution either.
    Now I need to figure out how to replace my remote device backups to my central NAS

    • Yes. THIS. I have 15 family members backing up to my 20TB mirrored storage at home using Friend-to-Friend backups with crashplan. I cannot find another alternative so far that supports such a thing. If anyone reading this knows of an alternative let me know with a reply! I don’t care for the cloud storage when I can back up to friends and family hundreds of miles away.

  • Crashplan conveniently added a no refunds policy at some stage too. Pay double to migrate to a business plan, or loose your backup history. I feel scammed!

    • It’s not how they look “right about now” that’s the issue. Crashplan looked “right about now” a week ago too…

      • Agreed 100%. But unless you have a crystal ball, “right about now” is all we can work on.

        I’ve been on crashplan for about 4 or more years. The no refund bullshit really irks me too…

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