What Is Tinder Select? (And How Do I Get In?)

What Is Tinder Select? (And How Do I Get In?)

If you regularly use Tinder, you’ve doubtlessly heard rumours about Tinder Select. This “secret” version of the popular dating app significantly stacks the match-making in your favour. It also increases the odds of meeting the app’s most desirable members, based on the level of user interest in their profiles.

While chiefly aimed at wealthy VIPs and promiscuous glitterati, it’s possible for regular folk to score a one-way invite into the service. But how does it work? And how can you increase your chances of getting in? Here’s everything you need to know.

Disclaimer: I am not a Tinder user. The following information is based on firsthand reports from trustworthy sources – including Business Insider’s Natham Mcalone, who managed to hustle his way onto the service. If you’ve tried Tinder Select yourself, let us know how it stacks up in the comments!

What is Tinder Select?

Tinder Select is a premium version of the popular dating app that makes it easier to match with other people. It also front loads the app with highly popular users – which means you get to see (and swipe right) on the most physically attractive members in your area. Oh, and your profile gets a dinky ‘S’ logo and blue border that only other Tinder Select members can see.

How does Tinder Select work?

Tinder Select members are gifted with a modified algorithm that massively stacks the odds in their favour. More people are shown your profile, and the calibre of these people tends to be much, much higher. In the words of BI’s Natham Mcalone: “It feels like some giant Cupid is sitting on your side of the scale.”

Otherwise, it’s pretty much the same as the vanilla version. There are no exclusive tools or ‘VIP sections’ to hang out in – you just get a better experience of the same app.

Does Tinder Select really exist?

All signs point to yes. While Tinder has never officially acknowledged the app’s existence, it is one of technology’s worst kept secrets. Hundreds of users have been documenting their experiences with the app on social media and it has also been reviewed by major tech websites. If it’s fake, so is the Moon landing.

Some likely Select candidates. [Image: Supplied]

How do I join Tinder Select?

Here’s the rub: to be eligible for Tinder Select, it helps to be rich, famous or really, really, ridiculously good looking. According to Mcalone, Tinder Select is all about keeping the app’s top users happy so that they’ll stick around the keep using it.

Top users are determined by Tinder’s “Elo” ranking system which rates the desirability of members based on how others interact with them. While the company claims your Elo score isn’t just about how many “Super Likes” you get, it’s safe to say that swiping has a lot to do with how your ranking is determined.

So where does this leave unwashed normies like us? Well, there is one small sliver of hope – some Tinder Select members have the ability to invite others to join the service.

There are no concrete facts on how this system works, but multiple users have confirmed that they received invitations over the past few months. Im a presumed attempt to maintain quality control, Tinder does not allow invited users to send invitations of their own. Only select members are given this privilege. In other words, you need to make a big impression with one of these mystery users.

To increase your chances, we advise using Tinder more often, scrubbing up your profile pics and actually being friendly and engaging during your interactions on the app. Good luck! (You’re going to need it.)

Have you been lucky enough to score access to Tinder Select? Tell us about about experiences in the comments section below!