Slack Updates Guest Access Features

Slack Updates Guest Access Features

Team messaging application Slack is upping the ante in the battle of the collaboration platforms. With Slack, HipChat and Microsoft Teams all battling it out to master the collaboration game, Slack has added the ability to time limit guest access to chats and adding some extra information so you know more about guests.

Slack is an impressive tool. As a freelance writer who works with a number of different clients, being able to stay in touch with remote colleagues is incredibly valuable. And one of my mates told me that he has created a Slack team for his family.

As his kids are too young for social media accounts and their own email accounts, he has created a family Slack channel so his he, his wife and the kids can chat when they’re apart. They even use it to create polls to vote on what’s for dinner!

The two main features added to Slack are the ability for admins to set a time limit to guest access and ore information about the guest.

Guests will be notified two days before access is deactivated and users access can be easily extended if needed. The information panel about the guest now includes who invited a guest, and when their access to the team or channel will be deactivated.

Microsoft Teams doesn’t offer guest access yet but it’s coming later this year.