Slack And Atlassian Are Joining Forces To Tackle The Microsoft Juggernaut

Slack And Atlassian Are Joining Forces To Tackle The Microsoft Juggernaut

Atlassian and Slack have announced plans to come together bringing their two messaging and collaboration platforms together. With Microsoft and Google beefing up their efforts in the increasingly important collaboration software sector, the two team communication tools are hooking up to counter that power.

What we’ll see is Atlassian’s HipChat and Stride software fade away with all users directed to a migration path that will being them over the Slack. In an announcement, which I don’t think anyone saw coming, Slack gets all of the HipChat and Stride IP while Atlassian, who has a reputation for investing in start-ups and smaller tech companies, makes a “small, but symbolically important investment” into Slack.

As someone who uses both platforms to work with different clients, this is a good thing. I can now consolidate most of my work communications into one tool. And, while HipChat is competent, it’s not the greatest tool and Slack, in my view, has been greatly favoured when it comes to third-party support.

Collaboration tools are a big opportunity in the software business and this consolidation is typical of what we see in growing markets. Microsoft has invested heavily in Teams, recently announcing a feature packed free version , as it could be come the glue that inks many of their other products and services – something they’ve been trying to do for over two decades.

Will this affect you? Are you a HipChat or Stride user that will have to migrate?


  • Hopefully this means some of the Stride features will end up in Slack. Looking forward to being able to mark messages as action items, or turning them into JIRA tickets.

    • There are ways for messages to be marked as actions in Slack (or, at least ways to create messages that are action items). And there are tools in the Atlassian marketplace to hook Jira into Slack. I use the Jira iOS client on my iPad to send stuff to Slack as well

  • HipChat is shit, plain and simple. Slack is 1000x better, so this is probably a good thing. HipChat were too busy adding new emoticons than actually adding features users wanted, like a proper edit function, for a start.

  • We were using HipChat, and knowing that it was being retired in favour of Stride, we jumped ship to Slack. If we had stuck around a few months longer, we would’ve gotten a discount.

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