Slack Adds Four New Products In Its Battle Against Microsoft Teams

Slack Adds Four New Products In Its Battle Against Microsoft Teams

Since Slack’s acquisition of HipChat from Atlassian last year, the collaboration game has pretty much become a two-horse race. Slack knows that Microsoft Teams is coming hard so it’s added a stack of new products and features to its arsenal.

The four new products, announced at Frontiers, Slack’s annual user conference, are

  • A bridge between email and Slack that allows people to send and receive messages to anyone within their company – even if they’re not on Slack. This will be especially useful in cases where Slack adoption within a company is expanding and will be rolling out in the next week.
  • Workflow Builder will make it easy to automate routine tasks without needing to write code through an intuitive drag-and-drop, “low-code” tool. This tool is currently in a closed pilot and will become fully available later in the year.
  • Unified Navigation and Search creates a unified destination and jumping off point for moving around in Slack. It brings together the Quick Switcher navigation feature and our broader Search (and channel search) functionality, creating a single, destination where you can find anything you need in Slack. This will become available in the weeks following Frontiers.
  • Shared Channels for Enterprise Grid: has been in beta for a while and s now in general release.

With Microsoft’s cloud platforms and tools continuing to grow in popularity, competitors in every segment are being pushed to improve products and services. Slack is a favourite app across many businesses large and small but so is Office 365.

Slack needs to KP upping the ante in order to make it hard for companies to simply move everything over the the Microsoft stack.

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