Outlook Email Down: Hope You Can Still Get To MySpace

Outlook Email Down: Hope You Can Still Get To MySpace

Back in the day, an email outage at Hotmail/MSN/Outlook.com would have been a big deal. But I’m not sure it’s such a big deal these days. However, Outlook is in the throes of an outage that was first reported this morning on Aussie Outages. I’m not sure too many Lifehacker readers will still be running their Hotmail accounts – maybe you’ve kept one for the odd MySpace request you get – but the outage seems to be localised to Australian and Japanese customers.

Given the amount of trust we put in cloud services, this outage is a good reminder of why we shouldn’t put all our trust in someone else’s computers and networks. To be fair, pretty much every large cloud service suffers an outage. AWS had issues last year and Gmail has dropped like a stone as well. So these sorts of outages aren’t unknown

Some users have reported that logging out and back in resolves the problem. The most recent data from Aussie Outages suggests the severity of the issue is reducing but whether that’s because the issue is being resolved or people have stopped logging problems is a different question.

None of my local Microsoft contacts are answering their phones at the moment but tracking the status at Aussie Outages will help you keep tabs on what’s going on.


  • What do you think people are using instead of hotmail/outlook.com email? It’s one of the better webmail clients out there, by far.

    In any case, it was all of Exchange Online impacted, not just outlook.com.

    • Exactly, all of Exchange Online was impacted, which no one seems to be “reporting” (good ol’ news.com.au regurgitating posts from Twitter and calling it news, lol). Email is still a big deal for businesses dealing with each other. It’s not all just about MySpace requests and promo emails

  • if you change your date to the 28th then you can access it again ,that was the last day before it started the porblem

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