• Microsoft’s New-Look Outlook: Everything You Need To Know

    Microsoft may have been one of the first movers when they acquired Hotmail back in the 1990s, eventually renaming it to Outlook.com after a brief diversion to Windows Live. It’s been updated yet again, with Outlook.com switching to a new look this week after a period of testing. Here’s what’s changed?

  • Outlook.com Finally Has Skype Built In

    Microsoft’s Outlook.com email service has some nifty features (including flexible disposable email addresses). The latest addition? It’s now directly integrated with Skype, so you can make voice or video calls direct from your browser.

  • Outlook.com Now Supports IMAP

    Outlook.com Now Supports IMAP

    One of the drawbacks of Microsoft’s Hotmail replacement Outlook.com was that if you wanted to use something other than its web interface, email clients could only access messages using POP3 or Microsoft’s EAS protocol. A lot more devices and services use IMAP, and now so does Outlook.com.