Killer Interview Question: Have You Ever Completed A Task You Thought Was Impossible?

Killer Interview Question: Have You Ever Completed A Task You Thought Was Impossible?

Today’s Killer Interview Question is a deceptively tricky one. At face value, it looks like you’ve given the applicant a blank cheque to talk themselves up like Hercules. However, what they choose to divulge can be revealing in more ways than one.

The question above comes from workforce management solutions provider Kelly Services. As the company explains, this question can help to reveal an applicant’s goal orientation, work ethic, personal commitment and integrity.

A good response will highlight a difficulty that is relevant to your business (as opposed to petty workplace squabbles) with actionable insights on how the issue was overcome. Above all, it will demonstrate that the applicant is not a quitter.

If you’re on the receiving end of this question, it’s also important to only mention tasks that are objectively very difficult. After all, if you thought a slightly tricky assignment was “impossible” to complete, it doesn’t paint you in the best light, does it?

How would you answer the question?


  • I did an Ironman a couple of years ago so this is a pretty straightforward question for me to answer

  • I unlocked invincible in Goldeneye 007.

    I also put the rubber seal around a waterproof DOS computer’s screen at my last job. Probably the most frustrating thing I’ve ever done. Came close to quitting just so as not having to do it.

  • Never, although I have completed tasks that other people (co-workers, managers) have told me is impossible.
    In fact if you really want to piss me off, tell me to not worry about a task because its too hard. I hate having tasks yanked from me.

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