Killer Interview Question: What Do You Know About This Company?

Killer Interview Question: What Do You Know About This Company?

Sometimes, it’s the simplest questions that provide the most insightful answers. Asking a job applicant to explain what they know about your company will reveal their level of perception and passion for the business — as well as whether they bothered to do any homework.

The above question comes from Local Measure CEO Jonathan Barouch. It’s something he never fails to ask job applicants for the following reason:

“I like to see research and understanding of our space, and some questions about our clients, strengths or weaknesses. In the response I’m looking for a genuine spark of interest and passion in the company. Someone who is a good fit for the company and culture will always answer this question well.”

Naturally, it pays to do plenty of homework before arriving to a job interview — but to ace this question you need to go beyond paraphrasing the key points on their website or LinkedIn page. Do some proper investigative research on the history of the company and the direction it appears to be moving in. Even if you never get asked this question, you can pepper other answers with your impressive knowledge of the company.

[Via Business Insider]


  • I asked this question to a candidate once, he didn’t know and asked me to explain what we do. Needless to say he didn’t get the job.

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