Cadbury Egg-Stuffed Croissants Are The Ultimate Easter Treat

Easter candy is the best seasonal candy, and Cadbury eggs are the ultimate in Easter candy. Eating them fresh from the foil is delightful, but wrapping and baking them in crescent roll dough takes them to a warm, gooey, ridiculous place.


Click the link below for detailed instructions, but it's really just a matter of folding dough around an egg. Things might get a little messy, but that just means you'll end up with bits of caramelised sugar stuck to your dough, and only a sociopath would complain about that.

Once you've mastered this tasty treat, try it with a different egg candy. (The Mars Bar eggs currently available in supermarkets seem like a pretty good bet.) Oh, and if you feel like this is "too far," just remember that I am the monster who made a Cadbury Scotch egg, and do not know the meaning of the phrase.



    You can't get crescent roll dough in Australia.

    A good way to support moslem terrorism as Cadbury's pay the halal extortion tax! From all reports Cadbury's have suffered so much under the backlash about this, that even the union is getting involved. They are worried about the falling sales will lead to unemployment as it has in New Zealand. Easily fixed though! All Cadbury have to do is cease giving into this extortion from the moslem cult. Sales might pick up then.

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