Creative And Delicious Ways To Repurpose ‘Extra’ Easter Chocolate And Lollies

Creative And Delicious Ways To Repurpose ‘Extra’ Easter Chocolate And Lollies

Easter has passed and the bunny has come and gone, but the chocolate remains. You may have some leftovers, or you may — in your infinite wisdom — have hit up the clearance aisle to stock up on peanut butter eggs and hollow chocolate rabbits. Either way, here are some of the most delicious things you can do with your sweet haul besides just eating it. Photos by dotpolka, and Sir Mildred Pierce.

Shots, Shots, Shots

As a youth, I used to bite the ears off of my chocolate bunnies, fill them with milk, and drink savagely from their partially decapitated bodies. It was a semi-disturbing, but delicious tradition that my sisters and I looked forward to each year. I am no longer a child, and now I fill my hollow rabbits and eggs with slightly more sophisticated liquids, such as espresso or booze (or both).

Make an Eggspresso

This chocolatey coffee creation was first made famous on Instagram by Australian coffee shop Karvan Coffee, and you probably need to experience it.

To make your own at home, lop the top off of a hollow chocolate egg and place it tenderly in an espresso cup (or any small cup). Pour espresso, or any other hot, strong coffee, into the chocolate receptacle, letting the brew slowly melt the chocolate as you sip. If you want a full cup or coffee, use a de-eared chocolate bunny instead. Heck, you don’t even have to use hot coffee; I wouldn’t be mad about a bunny full of cold brew.

Though hollow eggs allow you to get the most coffee in there, I wouldn’t rule out something with a little junk in the trunk. (By “junk”, I mean creme or caramel, obviously.) Lop the top off as usual, and use a tiny spoon to scoop out some of the filling. Eat that filling — you deserve it! — and then fill your egg with coffee as described above.

Make it Mature

If you want to fill your eggs and rabbits with something a little more mature, consider the Cadbury Creme Egg shot glass. The concept is the same as the above except, instead of filling the chocolate shells with your favourite upper (I’m still talking about coffee), you throw in your favourite sedative (booze). The booze you choose is up to you. I would probably just throw some bourbon in there, but Larissa Thorne of Drop Gorgeous Daily has thought this through a little more thoroughly, and crafted an actual cocktail.

Caramel Cream Egg cocktail (makes two medium-sized bunnies worth):


  • 2 hollow chocolate bunnies
  • 1 cup cream
  • ½ cup Bailey’s Irish Cream
  • 2 tablespoons crème de cacao
  • Caramel for topping

Shake the cream, Bailey’s and crème de cacao together with some ice and strain into de-eared bunnies or hollowed out Cadbury eggs. Garnish with a little extra caramel sauce, if you so desire.

Infuse Your Spirit

Creative And Delicious Ways To Repurpose ‘Extra’ Easter Chocolate And Lollies

This is the easiest way to repurpose fruit-flavoured lollies into something for the 18-and-over crowd. It’s so simple, you can barely even call it a recipe: Just chuck a small handful of lollies (Skittles and jelly beans work well) in a cup of vodka and let it sit in a jar for 24 hours, shaking every now and again. For the prettiest, tastiest results, it’s best to do this with only one flavour at a time, otherwise your candied vodka will look and taste muddy, which no one wants. Depending on how infused you want your candied spirit to be, you can let everything chill out for a whole two days, but the result will be very sweet.

Once your vodka is the desired colour and strength, strain into a glass bottle and chill. Since you’ll basically be drinking liquid lollies, the only mixer you’ll need is some plain seltzer, maybe some citrus to add some acid and de-cloyify the cocktail. (Note: The straining step isn’t necessary for lollies which completely dissolve, but Skittles and jelly beans usually leave bits floating about.)

Eat Eggs For Breakfast

If you are in search of a sweet and sticky dough-wrapped treat, look no further than the Cadbury Egg-stuffed croissant. I say “Cadbury Egg-stuffed”, but any filled egg you have will do. Just take a piece of store-bought crescent or pastry dough, wrap that sucker up, and bake according to the dough’s instructions (usually 175-190C for about 10-15 minutes). Don’t freak out if the egg isn’t completely enrobed by dough. This will cause some leakage, yes, but it is leakage of the most delicious kind, as it will just turn into caramelised sugary goodness. If this is too sweet for breakfast, make it for dessert or go a different route and just fry your Cadbury Egg in sausage meat. (Don’t actually do this as it will physically hurt you.)

Make One, Big, Delicious Treat

Though this recipe was originally created to get the complete movie theatre treat experience in one delicious, popcorny package, it works with any lolly, and Easter lollies are no exception.

To make this multitasking treat, grease a bundt pan with some better. Mix one bag of microwave popcorn with about 4 cups of bite-sized or chopped lollies together in a large bowl. Melt a stick of butter in a sauce pan, and add 450g of mini marshmallows or Peeps and stir until melted. Let this mixture cool for about five minutes, then mix with your popcorn and lollies. Press the whole mess into the bundt pan, and let set for an hour.

Not only does this let you get a bunch of different lollies in one bite, thus streamlining the lolly-eating process, it also provides a salty counterpoint to all the sugar.

Of course, there is always the option to just eat the damn lollies, piece by piece, while watching Netflix. No one would fault you for that. I like to freeze mine. There’s something real special about a frozen Snicker’s Egg.


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