Dealhacker: Get A Kogan 65-inch Curved 4K TV For $1199

Dealhacker: Get A Kogan 65-inch Curved 4K TV For $1199

Want a cheap TV? Want a cheap big TV? Want a cheap big 4K TV? Want a cheap big 4K curved TV?

You almost had all the boxes ticked, Kogan. Almost. But that doesn’t make this screen any less of a bargain.

Let’s be honest, the fact that Kogan’s 65-inch 4K Curved LED TV curved is… a non-event, at best. Curved TVs are never particularly curved, and while I think they happen to look a little bit nicer and more stylish when they’re switched off than their flat brethren do, their optimum viewing angles are a little bit smaller than flat — you’ll have to sit closer to the centre of the screen to get a good picture. I like curved TVs, but most TV buyers actually don’t, and that’s why market leaders LG and Samsung are selling fewer curved models than they used to.

A 65-inch TV for $1199 in the first place is a pretty tempting proposition, though, curved or not. The cheapest 65-inch curved 4K TV you can pick up at JB is this Samsung KS8500 for $3696: you could buy three Kogan TVs for that much. Sure, you’re comparing apples with slightly older apples, but whatever.

And, being a 4K screen, you’ll get all the detail bells and whistles that you can expect with a TV panel that has a 3840x2160pixel default resolution. Plug in a high quality source and you’ll see that detail — a 4K Blu-ray player, an Xbox One S or PlayStation 4 Pro. It’s worth noting that this screen doesn’t have any kind of HDR tech, so don’t expect beautifully rich colours and beautifully detailed shadow and highlight areas.

As with almost all the Kogan TVs we’ve looked at in the past, we’d expect it to use a Samsung or LG panel from a couple of generations ago. They’re good TVs, sure, but they’re also not up to the standards that you’d expect if you spent a day walking through a retail store like (Kogan’s favourite nemesis) JB Hi-Fi and looking at the Samsung QLEDs and LG OLEDs. If you’re looking for a screen for anything but the most discerning viewer, we’d hazard a guess that it’ll be perfectly adequate. [Kogan]

Dealhacker: Get A Kogan 65-inch Curved 4K TV For $1199
Dealhacker: Get A Kogan 65-inch Curved 4K TV For $1199


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