Australia’s Best 4K TV Deals: Budget, Mid-Range And Premium

Australia’s Best 4K TV Deals: Budget, Mid-Range And Premium
Image: LG
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After lamenting the poor selection of 4K TVs on offer at Amazon, I’ve gone looking a little further afield for some more options. Here are some online deals to consider if you’re after a new 4K set to fill a niche at your home – whether you’re looking to spend lots, as little as possible, or somewhere in-between.

On A Budget

Australia’s Best 4K TV Deals: Budget, Mid-Range And PremiumImage: Kogan

If you’re looking for decent sized set and want to stay under $600 then there are a couple of options for you. But you’ll be getting LED sets, rather than the better quality OLED.

JB HiFi offers a Soniq 55-inch 4K UHD Smart LED LCD TV for $599. But the real bargain falls to Kogan with their $379 43-inch 4K LED TV. Kogan has no fewer than ten options, ranging in sizes between 43 and 55 inches with both flat and curved options at under $600.

Sitting In The Middle

Australia’s Best 4K TV Deals: Budget, Mid-Range And PremiumImage: TCL

If your budget stretches to around the $1000 mark, there are lots of options. You’ll still be looking at LED displays but you’ll start getting into some of the more well-known brands.

For example, you could pick up a LG 43-inch 4K TV (43UK6540PTD) for $979.

Or, you could try for a 60-inch TCL Series P4 at $1088.

Go Big Or Go Home

Australia’s Best 4K TV Deals: Budget, Mid-Range And PremiumImage: LG

If your budget allows it, then the LG C8 77-inch 4K UHD AI Smart OLED TV, at an eye-watering $12,996 will fill your wall with bright colours and deep blacks.

There are also some great options from Sony and Panasonic, that offer full array backlit LCD LED. Samsung has also made the leap to full array backlit QLED this year.



  • Is this an ad? I read the title, and then I hop in here and you have one TV for $1K and another for $13K.

    Do you even know wtf you’re writing about? Where’s the higher end Sony LEDs, and the OLEDs?

    • Love your comment. They didn’t like my first comment and didn’t end up getting it posted. Much along the same lines. They give us an option of a few TVs at particular prices. No reason why we should buy them!
      As I said in my first post, I researched on a much more thorough website (with which I guess I wasn’t supposed to name) and ended up buying the LG B7 (55′). There is a newer version (C8) but as they said for the massive price difference, it’s just not that much better. I predominantly bought mine too play HDR 4K games with the PS4 Pro with which it scored best at, but was highly rated for all other features also. I highly recommend the LG B7 (now I’m sounding like an ad).
      Bottom line is, read more than just this mediocre review before pouring thousands into a TV. My advice is, Google ‘best 4k gaming TV’and it’ll take you to the right place (even if you’re not looking for a gaming TV)

  • Pity the article doesn’t mention anything between $1000, and $13,000. I generally try to spend around $2000 for my main tele, which opens up a lot of options.

    Bedroom tele usually doubles as a monitor, so I don’t mind going cheap there (currently a 43″ Soniq from JB HiFi), but that $2000 price range usually gets most features these days. Also brings most brands into the discussion as well.

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