KFC Is Now Marinating Chicken With Tabasco

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Starting today, KFC will be selling a new spicy recipe of chicken, marinated for 24 hours in Tabasco sauce. The new spicy pieces will be available in a boxed meal, three-piece box, and four-piece add-on until May 15TH.

It's not going to be the spiciest thing ever, but it has the potential to be mighty tasty and I still probably wouldn't touch my face after going through a few pieces.

So says KFC:

To trap in the spices of the famous TABASCO® Sauce, the chicken is marinated for a minimum of 24 hours, providing a fresh, sizzling and punchy hit that really brings the heat.

KFC would have you believe it is "bringing the deep south" to Australia, while simultaneously pointing out that the recipe originated in Australia, but it seems like these two points conflict. Perhaps I'm overthinking my fried chicken.

I do love the marketing for these things, though. "For those with MOUTHS OF STEEL," says the press release, with our emphasis added, "KFC will be handing out blister packs of Tabasco sauce." As if Tabasco was the final stage of a spicy sauce guzzling competition.

I tease, but I'm actually going to have to try one of these. Stay tuned for the taste test tomorrow.


    Tobasco sauce.

    Looks at opening paragraph. Looks at photo.
    Looks at opening paragraph. Looks back at photo.
    Looks at opening paragraph. Looks at photo.
    Looks at junglist....

    Is your red squiggly line broken?

      Ah cheers! Fixed

        You fixed the title but every other reference to the sauce still says 'Tobasco'

          Somewhere, Angus' eyeballs are spinning backwards into his head.

    I had the pleasure of participating in market research for this one. ABSOLUTELY tasty as when we tried it, lots of good Tabascoey flavour!

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