Here’s One Way To Build A Cheap Mini NAS

Here’s One Way To Build A Cheap Mini NAS

Network storage is really useful. From backups to sharing data, a NAS is an easy way to make storage accessible to everyone on your network. Over on Circuit Breaker, there are instructions on how to make a one-bay NAS from a NanoPi NEO – a version of the Raspberry Pi Zero.

As well as the NanoPi NEO, you’ll need an add-on kit and a 2.5-inch hard drive. Total cost should be somewhere in the region of $100. (Much less if you already have a HDD lying around.)

I like the idea of building a few of these – one for media, another for backups, maybe another for random file sharing on the network.

While I’d still prefer a multi-bay NAS, smaller storage devices on the network does have some appeal for niche purposes. You can check out step-by-step instructions at the link below.

[Via The Verge]


  • The neo is not a version of any raspberry pi. It maybe similar because it’s small but the neo is imho more superior it has quad core CPU vs the rpi zero single core CPU along with many other things. I’m guessing​your meaning $100 aus dollar. Because the kit is only 12 dollars USD and the neo is 8 dollars USD and hard drives that varies a good bit.

    I kind of agree with the multiple device setup like you’re talking about but sadly you would only be seeing about 35 megabytes a second transfer vs a traditional SATA connection would be 75 megabytes a second so you’re going to be losing a good bit of speed. I ordered mine yesterday so I should be getting it fairly soon compared with the orange Pi zero nas.

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