This Two-Ingredient Dish Helps You Clean Out Your Fridge

This Two-Ingredient Dish Helps You Clean Out Your Fridge

You know that awkward moment in your fridge, when it still has food in it, but it’s all 1/2-cup portions of various leftovers and like, one carrot? That moment is annoying, because you still have food that can and should be eaten, just nothing that fits together in a cohesive meal. Luckily, I have a dish for just this moment: Eggs and rice.

Photo by T.Tseng.

At its most simple, the dish is simply an egg — either poached or fried, but the yolk must be runny — served over a bed of rice. It’s pretty good on its own, especially with a little soy sauce and chilli paste, but it’s also the perfect medium for transforming your random fridge bits into a dish that makes (at least some) sense. It’s also super cheap, and you probably already have eggs in your fridge and rice in your pantry.

This is where you throw that last bit of cashew chicken, that single carrot (chop or shred it first), that quarter onion, and those fresh herbs that are about to turn. This is where leftover grilled vegetables and roasted potatoes should go. Have random dipping sauces leftover from takeaway? Stir those in too. I’ve even scraped out the inside of a leftover burrito half (it was initially a very big burrito), mixed that in with some fresh rice, and topped it all with a perfect, sunny side up egg with delicious results. The only limits to eggs and rice are the limits within your own mind.

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