What Is Your Go-To Meal To Use What's In Your Fridge?

What Is Your Go To Meal to Use What's In Your Fridge?

Some days, you just don't have the time to go to the supermarket, or the money to order delivery, no matter how empty the fridge is. So, what's your favourite bare-pantry recipe?

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My go to lazy-night meals are pasta or stir fry. Since I always have a couple of kinds of vegetables in my fridge, dry staples (flour, pasta, rice) and canned goods (beans, tomato sauce/paste) in my pantry, and basic spices (salt, pepper, soy sauce) throwing together either option is easy. Plus, if I end up needing a bare-pantry dish two nights in a row, I don't end up eating the same thing again.

Even if you only have dry leftovers around, you can still transform them into a tasty grain bowl. Share your meal suggestions below — make sure the ingredients are flexible so that others can use whatever they have on hand.


    An omelet with whatever I can find in the fridge. Ham, cheese, tomato and red onion works a treat.

    omelets are always good.

    flour, water cabbage and bacon + BBQ sauce at the end = okonomiyaki
    Noodles + miso paste + water + any veges = vegetable noodles (add an egg if you like)
    cooked rice (esp cold leftover) + beaten egg + diced vegies/meat (just about anything) = fried rice
    cooked rice + salt + water(to wet your hands) = onigiri (can also add soy sauce and grill it)

    Jaffle iron. Chuck it all in a sandwich, add some cheese, possibly some sauce, done.

    Pasta, eggs stirred through, oregano, parmesan. Milk optional.

    I've starting using aussielent when I can be bothered cooking but I still want a nutritious meal. http://aussiesoylent.com.au

    Curried rice and fish
    1 cup of rice in electric wok on 10 with three cups of water and salt.
    Cook on *ten* for ten minutes until water gone,
    add spoon of red curry paste and 200 grams of fish mixing in.
    Add three cups of water and allow to cook ten minutes until water gone again.

    Everything into the pressure cooker for 20 mins and hope for the best.

    Oats, berries, yogurt, banana, honey, cinnamon, brown sugar.....mmmmmm especially in winter.

    Not exactly what's in the fridge....but my go to meal for when we have no food / feeling lazy.

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    Fritters. Just make a batter, dip food in and fry. 5 million Scots can't be wrong.

    Sweet chilli tuna and a couple slices of cheese on fresh white bread, buttered.
    Makes a good midnight snack

    Frozen potato/Veggie patty in sandwich
    Wheat-bix milk honey
    Boiled potatoes and eggs with salt and chilly

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