When Are You Getting The NBN?

When Are You Getting The NBN?
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NBN Co’s address checker tool can now tell you when NBN services will be available for your home or business, instead of just letting you know when the network will be rolled out in your area. It’s gives a more accurate view of when the NBN is coming to your neck of the woods and you can try it out now.
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The updated address checker will now be able to tell you:

  • When NBN Co plans to rollout the network to your address
  • What NBN technology will be available in your area (e.g. FTTN, FTTP, HFC, etc.)
  • When the NBN build process will commence
  • When NBN services for your address will be available through ISPs

Bear in mind that some addresses may not have all the information available but NBN Co has committed to updating the tool regularly with new information as it comes in.

“On average we are making the network available to around 60,000 new homes and businesses each week, so it stands to reason that there is growing interest in when the network will be available across the country,” NBN Co chief customer officer John Simon said. “With this in mind, we have moved away from telling people when we’ll be building in their neighbourhood to when they can contact their retailer to buy a service.”

You can try the NBN Co Address Checker tool here.


  • Got cheeky and tried an old address; been burned that many times I’m never going to try my current address again on any of these sites.

    At first it looked promising. It listed fibre to the curb for 2019; two years too long but hey.

    Then I saw the dreaded asterisk (*) and it just went down like astro glide mountain from there.

    This date is an estimate and could change. This technology is based on nbn’s current deployment plans and is subject to change.

    Over a two year period, I can understand technology can change. But given the madness that is the NBN rollout (from both Labor and the Coalition), any confidence this new page may add is quickly taken away in the same read.

    No-one is optimistically going to think, “Subject to change? So it maybe better down the track.” It will be, “Screw this! I’m not waiting only to find I get Fibre to the Node instead of Fibre to the Curb.”

    The issue with the NBN has since gone from the being technical and political to one of basic confidence and trust. All the changes and all the games played; what chances does the NBN have when both majors have killed any confidence the Australian public has in it?

    • I’m not sure how you get burned checking you address on an official site like this, if anything they could have stats to see how many people check in an area and bring if forward due to popularity (unlikely but you never know).

  • Wait, suddenly my address is coming up as HFC- which there is none of in my area. I didn’t think NBNCo were planning on building More of that crap!?

    • That’s what i thought, i haven’t seen any evidence of HFC in my street, and my house has foxtel satellite dish from last tenants to lend extra credence to that assumption.

      I guess ill find out between Jul and Dec 2018 what they will end up using … if i’m lucky and they don’t delay it.

      • Similar story here. My apartment is planned for HFC late 2018. We don’t have Optus or Foxtel cable. We have four satellite dishes to cover the 30 apartments. I would have thought with that many apartments they would run fibre to the building and VDSL from there. Our whole street is apartments and townhouses so I would think there are too many dwellings to share a single HFC link anyway.

  • Went from H1 2017 to Jan-Jun 2018* to Jul-Dec 2020* and now Jan-Jun 2019*, why do you have to play games with me, I don’t trust that asterisk (*) for a second.

  • Pretty happy. Just got upgraded from ‘Not planned yet’ to Aug/Sept 2017. FTTN but considering we can’t even get ADSL2 at my place this has to be an upgrade. Right… RIGHT?!

  • LOL. FTTB… but there is nowhere they will be able to put the frame.
    So, I’ll take this tool with a pinch of …

  • Something I don’t understand, as a later roll out date, why are they continuing to roll out FTTN. in the years 2018 onwards we should be looking at getting FTTdp not FTTN.

    • It depends how far along the planning was. If FTTN’s been mostly/fully planned and committed to then they’ll be looking to proceed with that solution. Terrible though it is.
      And almost certainly they’ll have started planning (and spending tax dollars on) the correct FTTP or FTTdP replacement for all those they’ve conned with substandard FTTN.

  • I checked my address informed it was available in my area and to call my provider. My provider told me not before November and that it would be FTTN, not HFC as they, and NBNCo, had told me previously….

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