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One of the best things about the NBN is that the provider of the infrastructure, NBN Co, is not the retailer that sells you access to the service. And while that's why next door neighbours buying similar services can end up with different performance, it also means you can choose who you want to deal with. But, according to a recent survey, that's not what we do. Most people stick with their current ISP when they choose their Retail Service Provider (RSP).


Scammers are impersonating NBN staff, demanding payments in iTunes cards and other gift cards, for services that will never be connected. It's not a new scam but with the NBN in the news, criminals are using the infrastructure company as a cover to go after vulnerable people. Here are some simple tips you can pass on to family and friends that may be vulnerable.


With 2018 shaping up as an election year - we could go to the polls as early as 4 August 2018 if the government calls it - a number of key battleground issues are forming. One of those is the National Broadband Network. Both governments have policies around the NBN with the electorate finally realising it's a significant project that is important to everyone.

So what have been some of the biggest NBN promises that were ultimately broken? Um, this might take a while...


NBN Co says that since December 2017, orders for wholesale speed tiers of 50 Mbps or higher have almost tripled 16 percent to 44 percent and average bandwidth network congestion reduced from more than five hours to less than 30 minutes per service per week compared to this time last year. This numbers exclude the Sky Muster satellite service that's been deployed in rural areas.


NBN Co's Three Million Dollar man, CEO Bill Morrow says the reason there's network congestion on the NBN is because people are using the internet. He specifically mentioned gamers among other superusers and said NBN Co is looking at curbing network access for popular games by throttling or limiting traffic in order to fix the problem. Which is a bit like rationing water in a crowd of thirsty people so the folks wanting a little water with their scotch don't have to wait too long.


When the NBN was first touted over a decade ago, we expected a high-speed network using the latest technology. But after a change in government we saw the original vision crushed and we landed with the multi-technology mix pushed by the Coalition government.

That's left us with a mix of technology that has made NBN Co's deployment task more difficult and led to consumers getting a wild mix of different performance outcomes. Now, the outgoing boss of NBN Co has spoken out, saying the use of copper is at the heart of many of the network's problems.


With one of the chief criticisms made of the NBN is that it's an over-engineered network, the infrastructure builder has announced two new partnerships. The company is teaming up with the University of Melbourne and the University of Technology Sydney to work on a number of research and development projects that will highlight how the network can be used.


Kogan have launched their own NBN service, Kogan Internet, featuring unlimited data and month-to-month contracts. They're also spruiking an introductory offer of NBN 50 for less than $60 a month, making them one of the most affordable NBN providers in the country.


In September 2017, the Joint Standing Committee on the National Broadband Network released a comprehensive report detailing the issues with the NBN and recommendations for the Government to improve the service. One of the chief recommendations was to complete much of the remaining fixed line network using, at a minimum, FTTC technology.

The Government's response to the first report has largely rubbished those recommendations.

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The ramp-up of the nationwide NBN rollout means that more Australians are finally getting connected to the National Broadband Network. And that's a good thing. But the telecommunications industry ombudsman's bleak 2016-17 annual report shows that complaints about Australia's internet have overtaken mobile phones in volume, and over 27,000 complaints about the performance of the NBN represent a 160 per cent rise versus the year past.

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Days after taking to YouTube with an ad marking the halfway point of the national broadband network rollout, and not long after we cheekily pointed out the speedtest result in the ad, NBN Co has pulled its own ad.


NBN Co's address checker tool can now tell you when NBN services will be available for your home or business, instead of just letting you know when the network will be rolled out in your area. It's gives a more accurate view of when the NBN is coming to your neck of the woods and you can try it out now.