More Proof The NBN Is A Political Football

Welcome to 2017. Malcolm Turnbull claimed everyone in Australia would have 25Mbps internet by now. I can't speak for the rest of you, but I'm getting about 15Mbps and my suburb isn't getting the NBN until 2019.

Yesterday The Greens published the above video on its YouTube page. It's footage from a recent Senate Environment and Communications Legislation Committee meeting. Obviously this is a partisan statement about Malcolm Turnbull and broken promises, but it does highlight a number of issues: mainly the NBN's status as political football has hampered the NBN to the point where it's a broken down, busted up abomination.

Even this video, intended obviously as a 'gotcha' to Turnbull and a failed election promise, exacerbates the problem. This isn't about our internet it's about making the opposition look bad instead of searching for workable solutions.

It's an interesting video regardless, and features Greens Senator Scott Ludlum first taking current Communications Minister Mitch Fifield to task from Turnbull's broken promises, then asking NBN CEO Bill Morrow about his recent comments regarding Gigabit internet speeds. If you have any interest on the continual bungling of the NBN project feel free to watch, groan and get a little bit frustrated.

When Are You Getting The NBN?

NBN Co's address checker tool can now tell you when NBN services will be available for your home or business, instead of just letting you know when the network will be rolled out in your area. It's gives a more accurate view of when the NBN is coming to your neck of the woods and you can try it out now.

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NBN Boss: Pay Up Or Accept Slow Internet

NBN Co CEO Bill Morrow has some frank advice for people complaining about fibre-to-the-node (FTTN) technologies. if you want faster broadband speeds, you need to be willing to pay for it.

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    Also feel free to take some actual action.
    Find you local member of parliament, write a well set out and meaningful letter to them. Get everyone else to do the same. Explain that the NBN is *infrastructure* not an optional accessory to life this century, put your business case to them and ask *everyone* you know to do the same. Protest, write, be heard.

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    We're in a near black-spot here: ~4.5km from closest exchange and receiving only 2.8Mbps on ADSL2+. Options like cable and fixed wireless aren't available either. 4G is available, but then we're left with the choice between tiny data caps at high speed or larger data caps at 5Mbps. Not really good either way.

    My partner often works from home (VPN+remote desktop into her office), and I run a small business out of home. On days we're both in home-office, we need to coordinate around who can use the Internet at any one time because we don't have enough basic speed for both of us to do our jobs at the same time. It is incredibly frustrating.

    At least NBN should be ready for service later this year. While I'm looking forward to some relief from our situation, I'm not letting my expectations get too high yet. I'm honestly fatigued not just by our speeds and lack of better access, but by the handling of NBN rollout so far. It feels like a great opportunity has been wasted in Australia and we're left with an obsolete network before it has even been finished.

    15mbit is alright, I built a house in order to get FTTH. prior to that my ADSL2+ connection capped out at 2mbit on a good day. NBN still not at our old address

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