How To Quickly Cool Down Your Piping Hot Coffee

How To Quickly Cool Down Your Piping Hot Coffee

I hate waiting for hot drinks to cool down before I can sip them. If you feel the same way, here are two simple methods that will cool your tea or coffee down fast so you can enjoy it sometime this century.

Photo by Matheus Swanson.

The first, from redditor glb950, involves using a metal stirring spoon as a heat sink for your drink. Leave the spoon in your drink so it can absorb the heat, then pull it out so it can cool off, and dip it back in again. Repeat the process and your drink will cool down to a reasonable temperature in no time.

You can also pour your hot drink into another cup and back again, says redditor dahlberg123. Grab another mug at home and pour the drink back and forth a few times so more evaporation and heat dissipation occurs. This is similar to the “saucering” method, but has less potential for a mess. Of course, it also takes slightly longer, so there’s a bit of a trade off.

[referenced url=”” thumb=”” title=”Cool Hot Drinks Quickly By ‘Saucering’” excerpt=”Despite the pleasant feeling of hot drinks during the cold winter weather, sometimes hot is too hot. When you can’t cool off a hot cup of coffee or cocoa in the fridge (or by putting it outside), you can reduce its temperature pretty quickly with a saucer.”]

LPT, If your coffee or tea is too hot… [LifeProTips subreddit]

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