Cool Hot Drinks Quickly By ‘Saucering’

Cool Hot Drinks Quickly By ‘Saucering’

Despite the pleasant feeling of hot drinks during the cold winter weather, sometimes hot is too hot. When you can’t cool off a hot cup of coffee or cocoa in the fridge (or by putting it outside), you can reduce its temperature pretty quickly with a saucer.

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StackExchange user Bob Murphy explains how you can easily cool a hot cup of anything with a little trick called “saucering”:

If you want [a fast]way to cool a cup of coffee…pour the top part of it from the cup into a saucer, and then back again a few times. The large and constantly changing surface area during this process will cause extremely rapid evaporation of those high-energy outliers, much faster than stirring. Saucering was very common up through the Great Depression, which is one of the reasons older coffee sets always included saucers. You also get deep-ish saucers at many restaurants as a holdover from this practice, although I doubt many people do it anymore.

Next time you’re in a coffee shop and need to cool off that cup quickly, you might get the job down quicker if you ask for a saucer.

Cooling a cup of coffee with help of a spoon [StackExchange]


  • Firstly,..Eewww, saucers, at least in my house, aren’t generally as well sanitised as cups, so it’s not a hygienic thing to do. Secondly, the saucer is generally used to stop drips from accidental overspills getting on that antique Georgian table, so where are you going to put the cup when the saucer is wet from slopped coffee. Thirdly, pouring the beverage from cup to saucer to cup again is definitely going to cause some spillage. :[

  • Its a really common practice, especially with my elders. Guess its just out of fashion now. But it really does work. And its important to keep all cutlery clean.

  • Forget pouring and repouring to and from the cup and saucer, just do as any self respecting old duffer would do……drink your tea straight from the saucer, slurping as loudly as possible, smacking your lips and going “Ahhhhh” afterwards. Oh, and remember to remove your dentures first, for added street cred.

  • Another useful tip for you grannies out there. Grab a raw egg firmly but gently in your hand, and shake thoroughly for a good five minutes until the contents are fully homogenised. Then taking a large needle, make a hole at both ends of the egg, ensuring that non of the liquid contents are released accidentally. Finally, place your lips around one of the holes forming a good seal, then suck like buggery!

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