Coffee Cubes Cool Hot Coffee

A steaming hot cup of coffee is great in the morning, but not all of us have a heat-proof palate to enjoy it immediately. Instructables user SeeJacobInstruct shares a clever way to quickly cool down the coffee with coffee ice cubes.

It's similar to our previously mentioned tips for using coffee ice cubes in iced coffee and espresso, but this one tackles the standard cup of joe. If you prefer black coffee, you can just make and freeze a bunch of black coffee cubes. SeeJacobInstruct adds another twist on the formula by adding creamer and flavour shots into the ice cubes. For anyone who has burned their tongue on a cup of coffee while running out the door in the morning, this might be a mouth-saver. It's certainly a lot better than dropping in water ice cubes.

Coffee Cubes [Instructables]


    If it is too hot to drink immediately, I wouldn't buy coffee from there again, as the water was too hot to extract from the grounds correctly.

      I think these are for coffees at home - personally I'm not going to carry a coffee ice cube all the way to work on a train for when I actually buy my coffee.

        In that case, since it's completely under your control, you're far better off adjusting the water temperature to ensure a proper extraction in the first place, rather than fixing the symptom not the problem.

    I believe they are talking about your regular home made cup. If you don't want to buy from there again........

    I would have though this would take the coffee from too hot to too cold!

    How about ice?
    Isn't there a large amount of water in coffee anyway? Who cares if you use ice.

    How is it different.... really?

    If the coffee is too hot to drink, it is going to be terrible anyways....

    For the person who hasn't got time to waste letting their coffee cool down, but has got time to waste stuffing round making coffee ice cubes.

    All you need to do is aerate the coffee. Get two cups, pour coffee in one , then pour that coffee into empty cup and alternate.

    Takes about the same time as taking ice cubes from the fridge and then taking out cube from the plastic thing and then putting in the coffee and then putting the remaining cubes back in the freezer..

    Get four table spoons for a quick heat sink. Put them in, heats up the metal and cools the coffee...

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