The Distant Pyramid Desktop

The Distant Pyramid Desktop

Our friend Dobbie03 makes some great-looking Linux desktops, and this one is no exception. Having recently moved back to Manjaro after a tryst with Arch, he built this desktop with a few easy-to-download components. Here’s how you can set it up, too.

  • The wallpaper from Wallhaven
  • Conky, a lightweight system monitor for Linux systems
  • A custom Conky config for the left sidebar (which Dobbie03 has graciously shared with us!)
  • The Elegance Colours GNOME Shell theme
  • The Zukitre GTK Theme
  • The Plank application launcher at the bottom of the screen, with the theme set to transparent
  • The Numix Circle icons for the launcher

Dobbie03 also noted that he uses MPD and Sonata for all of his music listening needs, and sure enough this piece about the two in concert outlines how powerful they can be together. That’s about it — the whole thing looks clean and has plenty of room to work, with just the right tools off to the side for when they’re needed.

Manjaro Pyramid Desktop [Dobbie03]

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