The Snowy Desktop

The Snowy Desktop

We’ve highlighted Dobbie03‘s linux desktops before, and they’ve all been great, but this week he’s changed things up a bit. There’s more useful data on-screen, ringed around the edges so it’s visible but doesn’t get in the way. The wallpaper and some themes are all you need to bring this desktop to your Linux system.

The last time we highlighted one of Dobbie03’s desktops, it was the Shoreline Desktop, where he was just getting settled with the Cinnamon Shell for Ubuntu. He’s stuck with it since then, and this desktop is the result of some tweaking from then to now. Here’s what you’ll need to make this your own:

The finished product looks really good, and includes a number of tweaks behind the scenes to further personalise the system, from the windows to how programs are launched and opened. If you have questions about how to make this really your own, or how Dobbie03 did it all, head over to his Kinja blog and leave him a comment. Let him know how great his work is, while you’re at it!

Snowy Desktop