The Rising Light Linux Desktop

The Rising Light Desktop

Our old friend Dobbie03 knows how to make a beautiful, minimal and functional Linux desktop, and this one is no exception. He's been working with Manjaro lately, and he created this good-looking workspace in the process. Here's how he did it.

You don't necessarily have to run Manjaro Linux to get the same effect here, but Dobbie03 does note that he's had a great experience with it — it's been rock solid, according to him, so if you're looking for a new distro to try, it might be worth a look. In the interim, here's how you can get the same look on your linux machine:

The finished product is exactly how you see it.


    Very iOS 7-like- it looks like the sneak peek to OS X 10.10 Syrah

      Where can I downvote the comment above?

        My thoughts exactly....

    Is there conky config still available somewhere?

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