Google Maps Update Adds A Bottom Bar With Transit Info And Nearby Places

Android: Google's making a minor tweak to Google Maps today that adds a new bottom navigation bar. Here, you can find restaurant recommendations, travel time home and public transit info.

The new navigation bar replaces an old bar at the bottom of the Maps home screen that let you explore the area around you. You can tap any of the three icons at the bottom to slide up a drawer with helpful information.

The first tab, Places, shows you places of interest near you like restaurants, ATMs or grocery stores. The second tab, Driving, has a quick shortcut to navigate to home or work if you've entered that address. You can also find information about traffic conditions nearby. The final tab, Transit, will similarly show you what your public transit information is like and directions to get home on the bus or train. Overall, the update is small, but it should make it a lot easier to find the things you actually need in Maps.

Get real-time commute info and more in one tap [Google via The Verge]


    Ooh this update might allow me to remove Moovit from my apps, if it works well enough

    How do I disable this, it gets in the way of the one thing I use... Aka the MAP

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